For those who wish to separate rather than divorce there are two options:

Judicial Separation through the Courts

This might be appropriate where one or both parties objects to divorce for religious or moral reasons and neither wants to remarry or register a civil partnership. This can also be useful where the parties wish to preserve pension interests.

Informal Separation

This is where the parties agree to separate but wish to regulate the separation with a Separation Agreement. This can be useful, if, for example, the parties need to separate for a period of time before they are able to issue a divorce petition. An Agreement can be entered into at an early stage to specify what is to happen to the children and to sort out finances. This will only be appropriate if the parties are amicable.

At PJH we have an experienced team of family law specialists who can assist with your separation whether your matter is relatively straightforward or complex. We are friendly and approachable but professional and efficient at the same time. Years of experience mean that we will be able to identify the right solution to meet your needs from the outset so that your time and money are not wasted.